Fun Ideas for How to Wrap Odd-Sized Gifts This Holiday Season

Nothing will make your friends and family more excited this Christmas than when they receive a gift (or gifts!) packaged up in one of our gorgeous BRNG bags! They truly are a convenient way to wrap large and odd-sized gifts this festive season.
This is why we created a new 2023 Holiday line of bags specifically in yuletide colors so that they would be perfect for gift giving – including our MaCall bag in evergreen, our Carnaby tote in berry, our pink and red striped Ruby bag and our green and blue striped Newport bag.

For Wrapping Odd-Sized Gifts
The BRNG bag’s flat bottom means you can easily stack boxes and then layer softer items on top. Incredibly spacious, you can fit gifts of every shape and size, and the bags will look so great under the tree! Plus, no need for tape, paper or bows for a much more eco-friendly Christmas.
For Wrapping Gifts for the Women in Your Life
Trust us, when she sees you hand her our BRNG bags (which is itself an awesome gift!) her eyes will grow big with delight knowing that it is filled to the rim with even more presents! The best part is that she will also love using the BRNG bag afterwards for shopping, going to the gym, toting items to work and more!

For Wrapping Gifts for Kids
Our stylish totes are way more fun than a Santa sack and just as roomy. Even better, kids can reuse the BRNG bag for so many other purposes all year long, including toy and book storage.

For Wrapping Extra Large Gifts
If you’re buying her (or him) a coat, a robe, a laptop, a blanket, boots, maybe several bottles of wine … see where we’re going? These big gifts are wonderful to receive, but can be so awkward to wrap. So make it super simple and put it inside one of our BRNG bags and they’re getting two presents in one!
For Wrapping Gifts for Sponsored Families
Our BRNG bags are also ideal when sponsoring a family this holiday season. Their oversized shape makes them wonderful for holding lots of different sized gifts and the waterproof material means it’s practical for holding food and dinner items as well.

You can also decorate the bag’s open handle with ribbons, sprigs of holly,
an oversized candy cane, bells, maybe even a cute ornament, and they’re
great for every member of the family!

For Christmas Decor Storage

Another idea we love for our BRNG bags is using them for storing your holiday decor items, especially those bulky items like garlands and lights. We also love how the green and red colors of the bags makes them instantly recognizable as your Christmas items when tucked away in your storage room.

You can buy any of our holiday color BRNG bags individually, in our set of
two red bundle (“Jolly”), our set of two green bundle (“Holly”) or get all
four in our “Merry-ish” bundle.

Wishing you a joyful and safe holiday. Happy shopping!

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Written by Jacqui McMahon

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