So Many Fall Uses for Our Bags!

Our durable BRNG bags are so roomy, they will be a life saver for all of your fall activities, including: •

Bring your BRNG bag to hold the apples on your next apple picking trip. •

Our BRNG bag is perfect to hold all of your fall picnic essentials. •

Pack up everything you need in a BRNG to watch your kids Friday night football games. •

Take your BRNG bag trick or treating so your kids can stay out extra-long. •

All of our BRNG bags will hold all your necessitates for a Thanksgiving getaway weekend. •

The BRNG is the ideal waterproof bag to take to a fall farmer’s market. •

The flat bottom of the BRNG makes it easy to use to stow away your fall décor items. •

Our BRNGs are stylish enough to use in your living room or den, to hold extra fall blankets and throws.

We have gorgeous fall BRNG Bag designs to choose from, ( my fave is the Jamie ) and they are so affordable, so why not collect them all! 


Written by Jacqui McMahon

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