We have been waiting for this day! Introducing the BRNG mini line up!

The Quincy Mini Tote

Feel like you are carrying around a grassy field of white daisies with our sage green polka dot mini tote, that’s smaller in scale but still big on style.

The Lola Mini Tote

She’ll be tickled pink if you fill up this mini tote with everything a young gal needs for a backseat busy bag on your next family road trip.


The Basildon Mini Tote

Your little one can start on her own style journey with this pretty lipstick pink bag that she can use to tote her essentials to cheer or dance class.


The Blair Mini Tote

Heads will turn in the lunchroom when you walk in sporting this chic camel and double black stripe charmer, putting all those brown baggers to shame.

The Draper Mini Tote

Whether you hang it in your locker at the gym, use as a mini diaper bag or keep your skin care staples all in one place, we think our super swanky compact tote is "spot on"

The Coco Tote

Feel pretty as a peach (and even carry your peaches) with our sassy and super cute Coco mini tote. Waterproof and wipeable, we keep a few minis in our glove compartment, for those times when we happen upon a roadside stand.

Now you've met our lineup, below is a list of all the best ways you can use them in your daily life.

• Ideal for those times when you don’t need to bring along a full diaper bag in the stroller or car.

• Awesome to store all of the products in your nighttime skin care routine and conveniently hang on the back of the door.

• Great when you need to bring along an extra pair of shoes.

• Holds all your snacks for the next time you head to the movies.

• Makes a super swanky knitting bag.

• Practical when dropping your pooch at doggy daycare to hold leash, toys and treats.

• When your kids want to collect seashells at the beach, it doesn’t get any easier than our waterproof tote with handle.

• A cool way to brownbag it in style.

• Perfect backseat bag to hold Legos®, miniature cars, crafts, books, coloring books, and crayons.

• Keep our mini totes at the ready for running off to dance, gymnastics or cheer class.

• Being waterproof makes our mini tote a beach necessity for holding flip flops, water shoes or a wet swimsuit.

• Makes a fab locker or shower bag as it easily hangs on a hook.

• Wonderful to store all of your cosmetics – even dedicate one just for nail polishes.

• Kit it up to store all of your sewing or first aid needs.

• A fun option for your next Easter egg hunt or Halloween candy overflow.

Written by Jacqui McMahon

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