We have rounded up the best ways we use our BRNG bag when travelling, whether getting on a plane or a road trip we have you covered

 1. Folds flat in suitcase 

2. Beach Bag

3. Travel Groceries bag 

4. Travel Laundry bag

5. Workout bag


Yes! It folds completely flat in your suitcase, put at the bottom and it won't take up any extra space. 


BRNG bags are perfect for the beach, they're wipe clean and durable. Throw in your wet swimsuit after a long relaxing day at the beach or pool. They're large enough for plenty of towels for the entire family. It also has a pocket for your beach essentials. (air pods , key, wallet, cash etc.) no more rummaging around to find the little items.


I know we don't all want to shop for groceries on a trip but sometimes you have to! Even if you're just using it to bring water back to your hotel room, its so handy to take with you for groceries, instead of carrying a bunch of bags just bring your BRNG bag to the store. Job done! 


If you're staying somewhere with a washer /dryer this is perfect to store the families laundry in. If you're on a road trip why not separate all the laundry you need to do for when you get back. This hack always saves me so much time, when I get in I've already figured out what I need to put in the washing machine!


Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who work out on vacation. I love packing an extra BRNG bag. If I'm going to work out I can bring my Stanley mug, a towel, a protein bar and a change of clothing. Also works well if you're headed to the Spa! (a girl can dream) 

Thats it folks, just a few extra ways you can use your BRNG bag when travelling! 

Jacqui xoxo

Written by Jacqui McMahon

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