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The ups and downs

Never did I believe I would have product to sell, it's taken far longer than I thought but honestly was very quick if I look back and think about it. 

It's been a process to get here, every little decision really can have a big impact, which colors we launch with, what designs will people like? what will be a bestseller? will anything sell? you can go round and round in circles worrying about what everyone might think or judge you on. 

I'm not down for other people's negative judgements, I'm down for uplifting others, always. Period. However, this doesn't mean that I haven't maybe taken a wrong step and felt the draw of negative thought patterns. 

I love being my own boss, it's something I think I've always wanted deep down but was very used to just grinding away. Yes, I just said it I'm my own boss. did I ever think I was worthy of such a title, is this really a business? The self-doubt can creep in at any time and is really exhausting

I hope others read this on their journey to pursuing their goals and know that it takes time and grit. I haven't made it by most people's opinions of what "making it" means but in my own opinion I have made it, I have products to sell and that to me is success.

Now is the time to get selling...