Welcome to our first blog post, we really want to share with you just how great BRNG bag is! 

First lets talk material - its made from a durable all weather woven material, its laminated which allows it to be wiped clean. 

When dealing with what life throws at you who doesn't like a bag you can wipe clean. You never have to worry its going to get ruined or you cant put it on the ground. This bag also stands up alone, the thickness and durability allows you to find things inside easily. There is a pocket for your essentials, phone, wallet keys, the rest you can just throw in.

Durability is key!  You'll be surprised at how much you'll use it and how functional it is. 

Don't just take my word for it. buy a BRNG BAG and show us how you BRNG IT!

Written by Jacqui McMahon

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