You may be here for a Tote bag; you may be here because you stumbled across us on Instagram, or a friend of a friend recommended us. Either way WELCOME!

For me when starting this journey, I had so many moments I was hoping and waiting to happen, and they can come at any point.... 

For me a dream was to have someone ask me where my bag is from, yes this is probably ridiculous, but I had big dreams of saying, oh this is my company! So cheesy but true.

So, this actually happened. This was before we officially launched, I'd been toting samples around in my car for a while (they are useful, usually I have a return or an activity for my kids so I just am carrying a lot of random things) so I always have a BRNG with me, I didn't have any kids for once so my BRNG was sitting next to me  as I ordered my Grande sweet cream vanilla cold brew.

The sweet girl helping me asked me where my bag was from and that it was "so cute", I literally felt my heart swell! I feel as we get older these really impactful exciting moments are few and far between, I just felt like crying, which i think i did once id driven off and promised to send her a free bag when we launched

(Which I have done btw) thanks to the power of Instagram she followed me and I got it out to her. Thank you! you know who you are if you ever read this. Do people read blogs anymore? 

Moral of this post, dont think your "moments" are silly or cheesy, we all deserve these feelings in our lives. 

Go chase yours

Jacqui xoxo

Written by Jacqui McMahon

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